John Singletary at the Gallery at Penn College


John Singletary, a fine art photographer and multimedia artist based in Philadelphia, has a new exhibit in The Gallery at Penn College featuring his latest work entitled Traces as well as his earlier work entitled Anahata. Anahata, a photography-based exhibit, was originally featured at the James Oliver Gallery at 723 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia in 2017. Traces uses video, digital and stop-motion animation, historical footage, and audio. Both works are presented in black and white on LG OLED screens.

“John’s new series, Traces, was created specifically for his solo exhibition in The Gallery at Penn College,” said Penny Griffin Lutz, gallery director. “Visitors will be immersed in an audiovisual experience that explores culture, beliefs and the human connection.”

“Surveying the myriad and disjointed experiences that make up a life, Traces explores the way we construct our internal narratives and create meaning from experience,” Singletary explains.

The audio component of the installation consists of a series of anonymously conducted interviews with a range of participants. The perspectives highlighted reveal the universality and individuality of values, the intersectionality of symbolism across cultures and lineages, and the perpetual cycles of life.

John hired Kevin Miller of ISFTV in New York to calibrate and visually match the 15 LG 55B6 and 65B6 OLED panels for his first exhibit ( back in 2017, and again for his current exhibit which utilizes a total of 22 LG OLED screens.

Since all of the work is black and white, the panels were calibrated to the E54 standard which was the color temperature for black and white film. Light output was matched at 80 fL., or about 275 Nits. The EOTF (gamma) was set to B.T. 1886 (modified power 2.4) revealing all the low level shadow detail that John expected to see in his work. All the panels were setup utilizing the Expert Dark picture mode in the LG panels, which was then locked and saved as ISF Night mode.

After the initial calibration to the black and white standard, Kevin worked with John to minimize any perceptual differences between the panels by carefully comparing panels, and making some minor tweaks where necessary.

The use of OLED displays in a carefully controlled lighting environment is uniquely satisfying for the viewing of this photographic artwork and immersive multimedia experience as they reveal more depth and far better black level and contrast ratio than any LED LCD based display would.

The imagery and vignettes in Traces, an ongoing multimedia work, depict “the extraordinary light and darkness in the human condition and life events such as the genesis of our existence and the purpose we serve to each other and ourselves,” Singletary comments.

John’s current exhibit is at The Gallery at Penn College (a Penn State Affiliate) and will be on view until March 23rd, 2023.

Room 303

The Madigan Library

1 College Avenue

Williamsport, PA, 17701

John Singletary is a photographer and multimedia artist based in Philadelphia, PA. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from The University of the Arts. His work has been collected by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Center for Fine Art Photography as well as other institutional and private collections. He has exhibited at the Pennsylvania State Museum, LG Tripp Gallery, The James Oliver Gallery, The Sol Mednick Gallery and The Delaware Contemporary Museum. His work has been reviewed and/or featured in Lenscratch Magazine, L’Oeil de la Photographie, the Od Review, Movers and Makers (WHYY) and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Singletary is also a contributing writer for The Photo Review Journal.