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KEVIN- PHOTO copycxKevin Miller is the owner of ISFTV, a Product Development Consulting company to the industry’s leading television and video source manufacturers. ISFTV has also been providing professional calibration services to the consumer and professional markets since the inception of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) in early 1994.

Kevin Miller is also the co-founder of TweakTV, an online publication dedicated to informing consumers about the latest developments in HDTV, and providing in-depth technical reviews of the latest HDTVs. (Visit TweakTV!)

Kevin started in the Audio/Video industry in the late 1980’s as the Managing Editor and later the Publisher of The Perfect Vision magazine. As the Publisher of TPV, Kevin introduced the concept of TV calibration in 1990 after discovering that other publications were making mistakes on LaserDisc transfer quality, because their TVs were un-calibrated. Under his direction, calibration became part of the process of reviewing both software and TVs, which at the time quickly put TPV on the map as the technical authority in video in the publishing industry. The calibration process is now used by most Home Theater related publications in the consumer electronics industry.

From 1994 to 1997, Kevin was a partner in Total Media Systems, a Home Theater custom installation business in New York. He then took a position as the Marketing Director for Runco International from May of 1997 to April of 1999, which afforded him extensive front projection setup training and experience in product development on the display side of the industry.

From 1999 to 2001, Kevin was the Editorial Director for Video at the now defunct consumer electronics Internet giant, From 2001 until the fall of 2009, Kevin was a Senior Editor at CNET, writing in depth technical reviews of flat panel HDTVs, and two-piece front projection systems.

Kevin Miller is a Charter member of the Imaging Science Foundation, and has been a co-instructor for the ISF seminars since 2001, currently also teaching Level I and II ISF courses. He is also a long time member of SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), and an Associate Member of CTA (Consumer Technology Association), both leading Standards Setting organizations.


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