Professional Display Calibration

Display Calibration

ISFTV provides professional video system calibration as well as consulting services to post production facilities, A/V integrators, consumers, and corporate clients.

Professional calibration consists of calibrating the television based on the industry standards. This full system procedure entails setting the TV up with test patterns optimizing the display for Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, and Sharpness. A more complex part of the process is the “Grayscale” or “White Balance” calibration, an important step in accurate color reproduction from a television, which requires calibrating the actual color of gray from just above black to peak white.

Professional full system calibration requires User menu as well as Service menu adjustments where the more advanced adjustments are performed. It also provides grayscale calibration, and other procedures like Color Management calibration, a high-level adjustment to the primary and secondary colors available in some HDTVs. Professional system calibration includes setting up individually all the inputs and their various sources, and the source components like Blu-Ray players and cable boxes. Depending on the calibration features and the capability of the display, multi-point gamma, multi-point white balance, and Color Management (CMS) are utilized to achieve the most accurate results the display is capable of.

Some of the picture improvements you can expect from Professional calibration include more natural looking flesh tones, and colors that are much more realistic. Images will appear smoother with fewer artifacts, and will look less edgy, or unnaturally sharp. There will be more detail in dark scenes as a result of getting black level exactly correct for all your sources. Movies on Blu-ray discs, and HD cable or Satellite channels will be much more accurately reproduced, which means you will be seeing more of what the director of the film intended it to look like.

Full documentation of where all the picture settings are set in the TV’s User menu is provided to every client. Additionally, ISFTV’s customized SpectraCal CalMAN software generates a report that shows the before and after performance analysis with intuitive graphs.

ISFTV presently supports approximately 25 New York Tri-State area Custom Installation companies with both its calibration and system design consulting services.

Display Calibration Equipment

  • Colorimetry Research CR-250 Spectroradiometer/Spectrophotometer
  • Klein K-10A Colorimeter
  • Minolta CS-200 Colorimeter
  • Murideo 4K Signal Generator
  • DVDO AVLab TPG 4K UHD Signal Generator
  • Quantum Data QD780 HD Signal Generator with 3D test patterns
  • Video Forge HDTV Signal Generator with 3D test patterns
  • SpectraCal CalMAN Software version
  • ControlCAL ISFccc software


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