Display & Video Source Product Development Consulting

Product Development

ISFTV has been providing technical and product development consulting to some of the industry’s largest TV and video source manufacturers since 2003. Over the last decade, ISFTV has been involved with the development of award-winning displays for several top-tier manufacturers.

ISFTV has developed a testing methodology to test, measure, analyze, and evaluate display performance that pinpoints the areas of performance that need improvement. We provide data and reports with recommendations to manufacturers that help engineering teams improve product performance prior to mass production, including a customized Workflow and Report in SpectraCal CalMAN version 5.7 that details all aspects of display performance. Additionally, ISFTV has developed its own customized tests, and reports for white and black uniformity, off-angle viewing for flat panel displays, video processing, gamma, and more.

Test Equipment

  • Colorimetry Research CR-250 Spectroradiometer/Spectrophotometer
  • Klein K-10A Colorimeter
  • Minolta CS-200 Colorimeter
  • Murideo 4K Signal Generator
  • DVDO AVLab TPG 4K UHD Signal Generator
  • Quantum Data QD780 HD Signal Generator with 3D test patterns
  • Sencore VP403 HD Signal Generator with SDI and HDSDI outputs
  • Video Forge HDTV Signal Generator with 3D test patterns
  • Digital View DVC-3GTx HDMI to HDSDI transcoder
  • SpectraCal CalMAN Software version


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