Post Production

ISFTV has been supporting the post production industry in New York City since 2005. The company currently services over 50 post production facilities in the New York City area, providing full calibration and consulting services for HDSDI uncompressed sources. Equipped with 2K and 4K signal generators, a DIGITALVIEW DVC-3GTx HDMI to HDSDI transcoder, and SpectraCal CalMAN software, ISFTV provides professional calibration services to meet post production standards, which include calibration to Rec 709 as well as P3 color standards, and 2.2, 2.4, and B.T. 1886 gamma references.

ISFTV also offers Custom 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables) for displays that have non-linear performance characteristics, such as inaccurate color gamut, poor gamma, and less than perfect grayscale tracking. Custom 3D LUTs provide an unparalleled level of performance and visual matching between disparate display technologies, which is of key importance to high profile post production facilities with discerning clientele. ISFTV has extensive experience in building Custom 3D LUTs for Fuji IS Mini, AJA, and Black Magic HDLink LUT boxes. ISFTV’s own customized workflow, and reports include color saturation, and color luminance tracking graphs in addition to gamma curve, and grayscale tracking data, providing our clients with an extremely in-depth look at their display’s performance characteristics.

Display Calibration Test Equipment

  • Colorimetry Research CR-250 Spectroradiometer/Spectrophotometer
  • Klein K-10A Colorimeter
  • Minolta CS-200 Colorimeter
  • Murideo 4K Signal Generator
  • DVDO AVLab TPG 4K UHD Signal Generator
  • Quantum Data QD780 HD Signal Generator with 3D test patterns
  • Sencore VP403 HD Signal Generator with SDI and HDSDI outputs
  • Video Forge HDTV Signal Generator with 3D test patterns
  • Digital View DVC-3GTx HDMI to HDSDI transcoder
  • SpectraCal CalMAN Software version


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